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December 13, 2009

Sunday, December 13, 2009
9am - 5pm
Sierra C room, Marriott Marquis Hotel, San Francisco

Purpose of the meeting and introductions of attendees (Pritchard, 5 minutes)
Project overview (McNutt and Gottsmann, 15 minutes)
Background and regional context (APVC, APMB, de Silva, 15 minutes)

Overview of planned activities:
Geology/Geochemistry groups:
Shan de Silva, Oregon State University: 10 minutes
Jon Blundy, University of Bristol: 10 minutes
Todd Feeley, Montana State University: 10 minutes
Alison Rust, University of Bristol: 10 minutes
Noah Finnegan, University of California, Santa Cruz: 10 minutes
Mayel Sunagua, Sergeotecmin, Bolivia: 10 minutes

Break: 15 minutes

Geophysics groups:
Preliminary results of first 6 months of Uturuncu seismic data (Mike West, 15 minutes)
Mike West, Doug Christensen, Steve McNutt, University of Alaska: 10 minutes
Matt Pritchard, Cornell University: 10 minutes
Jo Gottsmann, University of Bristol: 10 minutes
Martyn Unsworth, University of Alberta: 10 minutes

Brief presentations (if requested) by:
Jorge Clavero, Energia Andina, Chile; Pablo Grosse, U. Salta, Argentina; Sergio Barrientos, Seismological Service, Chile

Working Lunch:
Special presentation of new Lastarria geologic map by Sernageomin
Jose Antonia Naranjo (30 minutes)

Afternoon (1pm - 5pm): Topics for discussion:

Work plan:
1. Plan for deploying seismometers -- how many at Uturuncu vs. Lazufre (led by Alaska); Some more details of the scenarios are attached
2. What available datasets do we need to compile [e.g., purchase high resoloution imagery, create DEMS, compile gravity, geochron, isotopes, seismics, GPS] (all)
3. Outreach activities -- posters, activities in South America, activities in U.S. and U.K. (all)
Do we need to write an REU supplement for summer internships? Creation of web page and email lists. Reaching out to other collaborators, establishing new collaborations with scientists not in the proposal. Creation of advisory committee. Future team meetings.
4. Choosing sites to deploy 6 continuous GPS (Bristol and Cornell)

1. How do our focus areas fit into the regional context?
2. How big is the APMB? How much melt is there?
3. Optimizing data collection to address scientific quiestions -- what can geophysics resolve?
4. Plumbing - deep to shallow (petrology, geochemistry, seismics)
5. Magma "chamber", Plutonic environment, (deformation, seismics, gravity? neotectonics, petrology, volcanology)

Group Cocktails and Dinner:
Time and location to be announced

By the end of the meeting, I hope we have achieved the following goals:
*Introduce all team members
*Create a field work logistics plan (what will be done in each year)
*Develop lists of action items to address various issues:
1. outreach
2. importation of equipment
3. shared resources (like GIS files and high resolution imagery)
4. create advisory committee and plan future meetings

Attendees: (total 25-30)
Montana State: 2
Cornell: 3
Bristol: 6-7 (Steve Sparks will not attend)
Alberta: 2
Santa Cruz: 2
Oregon State: 2
Alaska: 3-4
Chilean Seismological Service: 1
Sernageomin: 1
Sergeotecmin: 1
Energia Andina: 1
U. Salta: 1
No response from UMSA
Will not attend: OSC, U. San Juan
Guests: Matt Haney: 1