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MOST RECENT MEETING: Dec. 4, 2011 at the San Fancisco Mariott

candid photo from team meeting


2nd PLUTONS team meeting

Sunday, December 4: 9am-5pm
San Francisco Marriott Marquis; Room: Sierra B

Morning: Reports on research progress
8:45: Coffee and Bagels should be available
9:00-9:05: Brief welcome and introduction by Steve McNutt
9:05-9:45: Bristol: Gravity results from Rodrigo and geochemistry from Duncan
9:45-10:25: Seismic results from Alaska
10:25-11:05: Results from Oregon State
11:05-11:15: Working break: discussion
11:15-11:55: Geomorphology results from UC Santa Cruz
11:55-12:35: Results from Montana State

12:35-2: lunch at nearby restaurant

2:00-2:40: InSAR results from Cornell
2:40-2:55: Update on geologic mapping of Lastarria from JAN
2:55-3:30: Other updates: Martyn,  Sergio
3:30-4:15 Group discussion
4:15-5:00 Poster session and informal discussion

RSVP Attendees: (total 27)

Montana State: 3 Gary Michelfelder; Todd Feeley; Alicia Wilder
Bristol: 3 Duncan, Rodrigo, Mikel Diez,
Alberta: 1 Martyn
Santa Cruz: 2 Noah and John
Oregon State: 5 Shan, Rodrigo Iriarte, Jamie Kern, Trish Gregg, and Jason Kaiser
Alaska: 4 Mike, Steve, Doug, Chris Brunton
Chilean Seismological Service: 1, Sergio Barrientos
Sernageomin: 1, Jose Antonio Naranjo
Cornell: 4 Matt, Julie Elliott, Scott Henderson, Jennifer Jay

Matt Haney, Alaska Volcano Observatory
Leonard Johnson, National Science Foundation

  candid photo from team meeting


Past Meetings: First Team Meeting: December 13, 2009, San Francisco Agenda